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You, as an industry veteran, possess profound expertise in your field. Yet, converting your insights into a technical solution proves daunting without the necessary technical know-how. This gap hinders your ability to translate ideas into actionable products, delaying your startup journey.Market validation stands as a crucial step in any startup endeavor. However, as an expert in your domain, accurately gauging market demand proves challenging. Without precise validation, you risk investing resources in a product that fails to resonate with your intended audience, causing frustration and setbacks.Resource constraints plague the journey of every non-technical founder. Balancing existing commitments while dedicating time and effort to startup development poses a significant challenge. Moreover, securing funding and assembling a capable team adds layers of complexity to an already demanding process.Our service is tailored to guide non-technical founders through every stage of launching a B2B SaaS startup. From validating your idea to developing and scaling your product, we provide personalized support and expertise. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to confidently navigate the startup landscape, ultimately realizing your vision of a successful B2B SaaS business.

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Mobile applications, SaaS, clustered apps for Gov sector. Black & white mobile games, before iPhone was a thing? Working with Ma & Pa shops, startups, small existing companies to big players such as Vodafone, HP, Nokia, etc...You name it we've done it.From idea to finished product, making sure all the steps are done to a perfection.Defining the right scope, managing limited resources, tackling technical hurdles, handling time constraints, gathering valuable user feedback, and juggling competing priorities. This all is a must for us, when we're working with our clients.So fret not! There's a light at the end of your tunnel, contact us...


With 22+ years of experience in IT, doing it all from programming games to Apps, SaaS, etc. For private individuals to Government sector. From single person startups to Fortune 500 companies.Full path experience from programmer, tech lead, project management to CEO/entrepreneur.Dom Bagaric
CEO, Dagaron Limited

Dom Bagaric


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